General Repair Conditions


1) Repairs are based on the complaints described on the service receipt. The customer is responsible for his / her (back-up) data.


2) The price of the repair is determined solely on the basis of the number of working hours, the call-out costs, the collection and return costs, the research costs, the costs of the materials used, the shipping and administration costs and the costs incurred by third parties.

Research costs

3) Mservice calculates research costs for all repairs outside the guarantee and also for all repairs within the guarantee that are not reimbursed by the supplier. This concerns user errors, software problems or not finding the specified complaint.

Stop or continue

4) If an investigation shows that the price of the repair will be higher than the cost estimate, the customer will be asked if he wants the product repaired for that higher price. In that case the repair will only take place after the customer’s permission. If the service voucher does not state a cost estimate and the price can only be determined after investigation, the customer will be asked if he wants the product repaired for that price. In that case too, the repair will only take place after the customer’s permission.

5) However, the customer can refrain from further services and then pays the research costs. Mservice then makes the product available to the customer in the condition in which it received it.


6) Mservice provides a three-month warranty on the repair after the completion of the repair. No guarantee is given for cleaning or maintenance, as well as for repairs carried out on products with lightning, water or moisture damage.

7) If the complaints referred to in Article 1 return within three months, Mservice will make a statement of the price for a new repair;

  • For the same cause of the complaint, only those parts that were not replaced during the previous repair will be charged.
  • If it appears that the cause of the complaint is different from that of the previous repair, the costs of the new repair as referred to in Article 2 will be charged to the customer.
  • The aforementioned provisions in this article do not apply to the extent that the customer can claim termination of the agreement in the event of a serious defect in an earlier repair.
  • After renewed repair, the warranty starts again.

Uncollected products

8) IIf after three consecutive (written) notifications from Mservice to the customer that the product is ready, the customer has failed to collect the product for a period of three months, Mservice is authorized to sell the product and owe it to the proceeds to recount.


9) Every assignment accepted by Mservice is subject to an obligation of best efforts. Mservice can never be held liable for results that have not been achieved. Mservice is only liable for shortcomings in the execution of the assignment that are the result of negligence and incompetence in issuing advice and performing assignments up to the invoice amount.